Tulp Festival in Amsterdam

One of the largest and best known flower festivals in the world is going to take place in a small town named Lisse, near Amsterdam, Netherlands, between 20 March and 17 May 2015, where million of colourful and different kind of flowers will cover an area of 100 km. More than 800,000 visitors from all over the world visit the famous Keukenhof park every year and it’s really an experience you don’t want to miss.

The best time to visit the park is at the end of April, where you can see the most flowers to start blossom, especially tulips. But even though you happen to visit the park in March or May you will see other kind plants and flowers to blossom and smell beautifully – depending on the season. This spring is going to bloom around 7 million bulbs, with a big variety of flowers, such as tulips, roses, hyacithes and many other. For 2015 the theme of the park is dedicated to the famous post-impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh. A garden will be dedicated to him, where you can admire his portrait, made of thousand of tulips.

Besides the marvellous gardens and the four pavillions of the park, many events and shows will take place in Keukenhof Tulp Festival 2015 in Amsterdam. The easter week of the park, 3-6 April, is great to be around, where you can enjoy folk music and dancers with costumes of the area and you can also see statues of old people of Holland along the park.

Between 17-19 April, the famous Keukenhof Market, which is full of flowers, is going to take place, from 9.00-18.00, where you can be informed how you can grow bulbs and flowers from the local experts. On the 25th of the month a flower parade will be held, which will pass through the Keukenhof Boulevard(!), free for everyone to watch. Of course, within the whole Tulp Festival 2015 in Amsterdam there will take place more events and shows.

To reach the park there are several buses every day from Amsterdam and the ticket to the park costs 16 euro for adults and 8 euro for children (under 3 years.old. the entrance is free).

Official Website: Tulp Festival Amsterdam

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