The Stedelijk Museum of Amsterdam

The Dutch, call it short Stedelijk (Municipal) or the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum, is one of the oldest Museums in Holland. It’s hosted in one of the newest buildings of Alkmaar. This museum, aim to be one of the most interesting and innovative institutions of modern Art, contemporary Art and design in the globe.

The Building


Recently, the Stedelijk was modernised, during eight years, with the renovation and the construction of a new building next of the old one. It has reopened in September 2012 to the public. Like the first opening of this building a hundred years ago, the Stedelijk museum has cached the intention of Amsterdam’s people again and bring thousands of people to watch its collection of art.

The Collection

In 1895, it was established as a municipal museum. After that, the Stedelijk became the museum of the state. Based on its interests of into plenty disciplines as objects recording history of Amsterdam and art. The museum has a selection of particular subjects as history of medicine, …, etc.


It was only in 1970 that the Stedelijk becomes dedicated to the modern art. It has the richest modern art collections in the globe, with all important famous names of painting movements, like Fauvism, Impressionists, Cubism, and Malevich. Today, it have a distinctive collection of De Stijl, Cobra movement, 29 artworks by Casimir Malevich, and extraordinary Dutch photography collection of design and furniture of American and European trends since 1950 as works of Newman, Picasso, Matisse moreover the German modern painting and Italian Arte Povera.


You can check more informations on the official site of  the Stedelijk.

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