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Taste Dutch Cuisine

Whether you live in the Netherlands or will simply be visiting there, Dutch Cuisine offers some of the best Europe gastronomy. Here we present some of the best Amsterdam restaurants where you will enjoy amazing food and a great time for sure. Those restaurants are worthy of return visits.

  1. Vinkeles is a wonderful place to book for a special treat to start your holiday off on a high note. From the moment that you arrive, you will not be able to fault the lovely ambiance, the staff or the food. You can even book the chef’s taster menu and you will really be glad that you did. Each course is faultless and utterly magnificent. Every detail is done to perfection and the taste of the food is masterful. Yes, the dishes prove to indeed be delicious. At the end of the meal, it is the practice of the chef to come to chat with you to see if you liked the food. The chef is genuinely interested in your opinion about your dining experience, which adds a nice, personal and friendly touch. The money you pay for the food and experience is really worth it.

Vinkeles RestaurantVinkeles Restaurant

Photos by: vinkeles.com

  1. Ivy And Bros provide you with a cozy atmosphere and delightful food. The veggie options are clearly labelled for those who want to avoid any meat. The bread is so nice. The menu is basic for those who prefer something simple. After all, simplicity is beautiful too. And the coffee is remarkable that will surely satisfy any coffee connoisseur.

Ivy And Bros in AmsterdamIvy And Bros in Amsterdam

Photos by: Tripadvisor.com

  1. Omelegg City Centre is a perfect way to start your day. The breakfast that this restaurant serves is thoroughly enjoyable. There are many different types of omelettes available, with the inclusion also of building your own omelette or getting the special omelette of the day. The coffee is delicious according to many avid coffee lovers. The wait staff are friendly and attentive and are happy to serve you. You will be pleased with the cozy, warm and bright atmosphere. After having breakfast here, you will be fueled with high energy and lots of enthusiasm to explore Amsterdam.

Omelegg AmsterdamOmelegg Amsterdam

Photos by: raweurope.net

  1. Gartine serves a lovely medley of French, Dutch, European and international cuisine. This fine restaurant serves a high-quality breakfast that can be had even at noon. You do not need a table reservation to enter. The staff members are very pleased to serve you. There is breakfast a la carte choices that are posh, but still hearty and earthy, such as eggs benedict, yogurt with mascarpone and more. Everything is so delicious, so fresh, and so wonderfully beautiful in the way that it is presented and served.

Gartine in amsterdam

Photo by: Flikr – Caro en méli-mélo


  1. Bord’Eau is exquisite, refined elegance for a high-quality dining experience. You will enjoy a fantastic time at this amusing restaurant. All the courses even up to the dessert are artful, delicious and styled in an outstandingly splendid way that brings forth glory, refinement and beauty. The staff are worthy of being complimented and this is a place that you will surely want to return to often.

Bord'Eau in Amsterdam Bord'Eau in Amsterdam

Photos by: bordeau.nl

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