In english, means the State Museum, the Rijksmuseum exists for more than 2 centuries, its belongs to the most famous museums in the world. After the transformation and renovation its became the attraction that you should not miss when you visit Amsterdam city.


The Rijksmuseum’s History

The Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam city, has opened its first collection in 1800 for the audience as the «Nationale Kunstgallerij» which means in english «National Art Gallery».Its has been displaced several times before being founded in Amsterdam in 1808 by the order of the Netherlands King Louis Bonaparte, the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte. Named then the «Royal Museum», it received its present name from the king of Dutchland Willem the first in 1815.In 1885, the Rijksmuseum moved to the new building designed by Petrus J.H. Cuypers a Dutch architect with a neo-Renaissance style in use of many historical neo-Gothic form and decorations.


The collection


The Rijksmuseum obtained throughout the years a special position in the world, for holding  many famous paintings of Dutch and world art. this museum have several masterpiece of Van Dyck,Jan Steen,Vermeer and Rembrandt’s «Night watch», more than that it’s have a collection of the antique objects of the Dutch cultural material, prints, drawings, and classic photography.


The reconstruction of the Rijksmuseum

The Rijksmuseum collection outgrew its 19th century building, that’s why since 2003 it was reconstructed. A new exposition hall has been rebuilt, and the mesum reopened for the ppublic in 2013.

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