Realism Art Fair of Amsterdam

Realism art fair, an event held each year in Mid-January celebrates Realism, the older and richer artistic tradition of Amsterdam by featuring only figurative art along with free lectures. Dutch painters were famous since Renaissance for their use of a realistic movements contributed with important paintings depicting figurative scenes in a mysterious and fantastic scenery.

This art fair, held at the New Passenger Terminal in Amsterdam since 2003, is exclusively dedicated to the realism painters. The type of painting art which specializes in figurative art is Realisme.


Today this long tradition is still alive with several artists and many Amsterdam art galleries. During this event , thirty most prominent Belgian and Dutch galleries show their collections of realistic art, lectures are being organized (in Dutch for free) and a possibility to paint in a realistic way is presented to the visitors.

During the opening of this event, the medal is being given to one figurative artist, chosen by the jury each year. This prize has been named after late Sacha Tanja, who led an important figurative art collection of the ING Bank for many years.


this event happens every year in the middle of January.


Passenger Terminal Amsterdam (PTA)

Piet Heinkade 27, 1019 BR Amsterdam.

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