No. 377 House Hotel in Amsterdam: A spectacular view of canals and the city.

Work can take me all of Europe, and it recently took me to the heart of Amsterdam. Although accommodations in Amsterdam (and all over Europe) can be quite expensive, I was hoping to find a small, comfortable place to stay that was also in the middle of the city, all for a decent price. I found the No. 377 House Hotel in Amsterdam, and decided to give it a try.

The hotel staff warmly greeted me upon arrival, despite arriving at a horribly late hour. They showed me my room, and answered all of my questions about the city. The No. 377 House Hotel was the perfect size – around 15 rooms, which meant no partyers but enough privacy to keep to myself when I wanted to. My room had a spectacular view of Amsterdam’s canals and the city, which was bright and vibrant in the evening time.

No. 377 House Hotel in Amsterdam

The room was perfectly comfortable, with an interesting (and large) bed that wasn’t like other beds I’ve slept on during business trips. I asked the hotel staff, and they explained that they are four-layered Coco-Mat beds – something I may have to look into for my own home. Complimentary Wi-Fi was one of my requirements for a hotel, and this hotel’s Wi-Fi worked wonderfully – perhaps because it’s small enough that lots of people aren’t using it at the same time.

There was air-conditioning, a smart TV, an audio system, a laptop safe, and a mini-bar, and a Nespresso machine all in the room as well. I didn’t need the air-conditioning for the time of year I went, and was glad that the room was warm enough. There was also a decently sized wardrobe, a standard desk and chair set up, as well as a bathroom in the room. Many small hotels in Europe have you share a bathroom with other guests, so I was thankful for my own.

I had one day off from business duties, so I decided to take myself on a tour of the city. The hotel staff helped to guide me in the right direction, and I was able to purchase museum tickets at the reception. The hotel was within walking distance of most major attractions in the city. I found some lovely, delicious restaurants to indulge at, live music venues, and plenty of museums and historical sites.

No. 377 House Boutique Hotel in Amsterdam

On my last day, I decided I wanted to go explore some of the surrounding areas, but wasn’t sure where to begin or how to get to different places. The hotel staff eagerly helped me decide where to go by telling me about the surrounding towns and attractions. Then they also helped me find the appropriate accommodation, which included buses and a taxi. The city was easy to navigate and get around throughout my stay.

I was grateful for the little gem of a hotel to stay in while on Business in Amsterdam. I would definitely stay here again, perhaps with my family on vacation. The hotel was quiet and comfortable, allowing me to focus on work, as I needed to. Amsterdam was also a fun city, with a great mix of vibrancy and mellowness that suited my liking.

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