How To Spend The New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a legendary Dutch party capital. The city is totally beautiful with architectural designs and canals creating a unique appeal. Amsterdam offer quite number of cultural diversions. The town consist of popular hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, bars, museumplein, cabaret and many other essential places that people may find quality services at affordable prices.

Celebrations for the New Year start as 29th December, kids set off odd firecrackers. During this time the streets of Amsterdam are crowded with domestic and international tourists who aims at enjoying the air of excitement with their families. The tradition of the New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam in this country is that the whole Dutch community come together at dazzle Ville to burn an effigy that is wooden to welcome the new the period of the celebrations merry making is the merely motto everywhere in the city and in the country.


During the eve of New Year residence retires early from their jobs to join private residence, bars or coffee shops for get together or parties till the real fun starts at mid night. Amsterdam erupts with sound and light as twelve o’clock strikes. Fireworks are set off as people shout all over Amsterdam .people of Netherlands enjoy watching this fire work. The country is normally covered in displays in the whole night which start from 6 pm till morning.

Tourist watch this spectacular activity in areas like dam square, Leidseplein and Nieuwmarkt which are the best spots to view well organized firework display. Tourist have to go early to get nice spot to see. Bridge on city canals can act as quiet spot to view firework when one watch the sky. Dam square is set with beer tents. Here entertainment progress throughout the museumplein a great event is organized .high fire work is set off to strike the audience awfully.

Amsterdam New Year’s Eve Live – Fireworks 2013-2014 in Amsterdam


New Year’s Eve parties in Amsterdam is featured by entertainment that take place in various dam square one will encounter a series of entertainment throughout the evening. The entertainment attract a huge number of the party goers and therefore it is wise for one to be there very early in order to secure a nice viewing vantage point. The Amsterdam TIKTAK club nights do host annual and New Year events at music hall called Heineken. To enjoy the fun one is required to arm himself with a ticket.



The city of Amsterdam is popular for symphony orchestra that is royal Concertgebouw orchestra. The orchestra is located at Concertgebouw near museumplein. The concert hall has the best acoustics worldwide. Here tourist enjoy a series of concerts throughout the night of the eve of New Year at affordable cost.

Those who do not wish to spend through acquisition of tickets can hit the streets as a big friendly group and enjoy with crowds. Those who do not desire to party as crowd can join party with celebrities, concerts or have finest dining by booking earlier to avoid crowding.


To avoid last hour rushing early booking is advisable which eliminates inconveniences. Amsterdam have a wide range of accommodation facilities for the client to choose from according to one ability money wise. The most famous hotels offering accommodation include roommate Aitana hotel, park plaza Victoria hotel, central station, Ramada Apollo and Hyatt place get more about accommodation offered in this city one can check in website and compare prices of these hotels. Accommodation options range from budget hostels that have shared rooms and bathroom to high top hostels


The hotels in the city provides its clients with updated information and offer reliable instant reservation without charges. The city is always busy during the eve of the New Year and one should book the hotel in advance to enjoy the discounts and other advantages. The hotel provide all sought of food and drinks. Some hotel provide even for accommodation. This hotel are in dam square, Rembrantplein and for those with families can visit hotel in Vondelpark.

amsterdam hotel accommodations


One can access the city for New Year celebration by air, land or sea. The airport is located just a few kilometers from the city. Credit cards can be used as means of payment for services provided. Means of transport to and fro the city are cheap and affordable.The new

Happy New Year Amsterdam 2015

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