Insolite activities in Amsterdam

Insolite Amsterdam

You already know all the essentials of Amsterdam? You’re looking for original activities or places to visit away from the crowd? Here is a small list of ideas of where you can go.

1- The smallest House in the world

Insolite Amsterdam: The smallest house in the world

During a walk along the old canals, can you find these dollhouses? Barely wider than its front door, the house at No. 7 Singel would be the smallest house in the world! Oude Hoogstraat 22 measures only 2 m wide and 6 m long while the Kleine Trippenhuis or “house of the check of Mr. Trip” compresses façade 2.44 m (Kloveniersburgwal 26). You will find the narrowest street in the Red Light District of Amsterdam: it is Trompettersteeg (1 m wide) and his cohort ladies scantily clad showcase.

2- Secret Museums

Insolite Amsterdam: Secret Museums

If you have exhausted all museums (Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum …), Amsterdam holds a handful of small atypical museums and confidential. According to choices, you can closely observe an amazing collection of retro sunglasses at Brilmuseum, simper in Katten Kabinet (Katten Kabinet) between fake and real cats or listen to tunes played by 1900s ghosts pianists Pianola museum.

3- Antique Toys

Couzijn Simon Amsterdam

Old stories: If you like antiquing, push the door of the antiquarian Couzijn Simon, specializing in antique toys. In the eighteenth century, A pharmacy are gathering toys painted iron, collection of dolls and rocking horses time of our grandmothers rear. A mine of rare coins as surprising as the mustache of the boss!

4- The Chinatown

The China Town in Amsterdam

Tired of the crowd? Go to the Chinatown in Amsterdam. Among the handful mandarin and exotic grocery stores are loomed a curved roofs of the Buddhist Temple of Fo Guang Shan He Hua. This Zen and stripped refuge, where sutras is recited every Sunday at 10:30am in the scent of incense. An ideal place for stress evacuation and for recharging the batteries.

5- Play a Giant Chess Set

Giant Chess Set in Amsterdam

Lovers will not miss the giant chessboard instead Max Euweplein place, tribute to the Dutch chess world  champion Max Euwe, you can play a giant and open air chess part. After it, nothing prevents you to visit the nearby free museum dedicated to the history of chess.

6- The Central Library

The Central Library Amsterdam

Close to Central Station, the OBA (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam) embodies the Amsterdam of twenty-first century architecture with its concrete and glass. I recommend this place both on rainy days, to freely browse books and magazines or surf the Web, such as the sunny days: from the top of the seventh floor, the view over the old town is an amazement.

7- The Hollandsche Manege

Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam

Do not miss to stop at the Hollandsche Manege in Vondel Park. It houses since 1882 the Spanish Riding School and you can go up there some days and take a horse or pony without spending a dime.

8- The Tuschinski Cinema

Tuschinski Cinema in Amsterdam

You are an art Deco architecture fan or not, the Tuschinski cinema decor will fill your eyes with its riot of marble, stained glass, paintings and multicolored carpet. To extend this foray into the Roaring Twenties, I invite you to take a break at American coffee-shop between Tiffany chandeliers and murals unless you prefer to relax in the Sauna Deco vapors.

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