Imagine Film Festival in Amsterdam

Imagine Film Festival 2015 in Amsterdam

Imagine Film Festival is an annual festival that was founded in 1985. The festival aims at celebrating fantastic genres in the film industry. Over the years, it has developed as a twelve day long festival that reaches a broad audience in film programming through, symposia, special events and master classes. Most films in the festival are single theatrical presentations and Dutch premieres among other 70+ films.

The Imagine Film Festival 2015 will be the 31st edition and will be held in Amsterdam from 8th April 2015 to 18th April 2015. Imagine Film Festival 2015 in Amsterdam will be held in the new Film Museum in EYE. The previous editions have had successful film shows in fantasy, cult, anime, sci-fi and horror which the Imagine Film Festival 2015 in Amsterdam Edition aims to build on.

For those willing to attend the festival should not worry because there is no fee charged to attend. Some of the awards in the festival will include:

  • The MovieZone Award which is awarded by the Youth Jury
  • The Black Tulip which is a professional Jury Prize
  • The Time Capsule award which is the best imagine leader of thirty seconds prize
  • Self Explanatory Career Achievement Award which is very popular with the audience
  • The Syfy Silver Scream award that is decided by the audience
  • The Silver Melies Prize will be given to the best short film of the festival and is European feature

The program includes an annual master class and symposium for aspiring filmmakers. These classes are taught by experienced professionals in the film industry. The festival also acts as a place where fans meet and interact with their favorite film superstars in an informal setup. Being a festival that started out as a two night weekend mini-festival in sci-fi and fantasy films it has matured over the years as an event of distinctive relaxation and charm.

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