Explore and Experience Art at its best in Amsterdam

Explore Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city which invites exploration, no wonder it’s the most popular destination in Europe. It has so much to offer tourists, from the many art museums to its famous iconic canals, not forgetting the Red light District; a must visit! Simply put, at every turn, the Netherlands capital has something to offer.

 Inside Rijksmuseum

If you are a lover of art and wondering where to see art in Amsterdam, wonder no more. With over fifty museums you’ll be spoilt for choice. Rijksmuseum is one of the most famous museums opened to the public in 1800. Displayed are unique art pieces that speak volumes of the Dutch culture. The paintings here are exceptional. You will have the pleasure of beholding the work of accomplished painters like Jan Steen and Vermeer among others. As you take your walk around this intriguing place, you can’t miss to spot the “Night watch” by Rembrandt’s a well-known and famous painting throughout the world. The best part is they allow you to take photographs for as long as you do not use tripods, flash or lights.

Erotic Museum in Amsterdam

If you haven’t seen this before, Amsterdam will give you an experience of a lifetime in the erotic Museum. The Venus temple is one of the first and the oldest in the world. What better way to appreciate the call of nature than to display it these capturing crafts of man. From statues to erotic paintings and even videos. You’ll leave this place with a story to tell and guaranteed is a good laugh with some of the painting being very humorous.

Anne Frank House Museum Amstedam

Before you organise your departure, make sure you visit Ann Franks House. The museum with a very moving experience about the world warII. This is where Anne Frank wrote her diaries in hiding. Here you will experience how it felt like living in hiding as you look at the exhibitions on contemporary fascism, anti-Semitism and persecution.

Places to see art in Amsterdam are so many, these are just a few of those. Explore more and you will have memories to treasure!

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