Enjoy a Glorious Exile in Siberie Coffeeshop

Siberie coffeeshop Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s Siberie Coffeeshop, located on the incredibly picturesque, Brouwersgracht (Brewer’s Canal) , not too far from Centraal Station. Siberie Coffeeshop is a real gem of a coffee shop,and its striking appearance is suggestive about what one can find inside.Siberie Coffeeshop might just be the most eclectic coffee shop in Amsterdam, featuring regular art exhibitions, live acoustic gigs, poetry recitals and live DJ performances, perhaps even from the shop’s staff, as many are local artists and performers themselves. Thanks to the regular art exhibitions, Siberie Coffeeshop offers patrons a wonderful diverse and ever-changing visual treat while they chill out and tune into some great smokes and drinks.

The background music is as eclectic as the art, and your ears could resound to anything from chilled out electronic trance, celtic folk music, rock and reggae. Perhaps one slight drawback is the fact that there are only 15 seats in the coffee shop. However, the seating is comfortable and the staff are friendly and don’ even mind if you smoke tobacco or produce from other coffee shops. Siberie coffee shop has a really great selection of teas at reasonable prices.

Siberie coffee shop Amsterdam

Perhaps the most outstanding produce on offer is their Siberian Tiger, with honourable mentions going to Red Bud and Space Haze. You can also buy a Skunk joint for 3.20 euros.There’s also an incredibly funky Revenge from Mars Pinball machine, which can get both freaky and addictive when one has indulged , as well as a goldfish hanging from the ceiling. If the weather’s good, you can wave to the canal-roaming tourists from the coffee shop’s outside terrace as they chug by.

All in all, Siberie Coffeeshop is a funky, friendly feel good place with plenty of original charm to keep you coming back, even if the produce isn’t necessarily the best in town.

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