25 Insane Facts About Amsterdam [Infographic]

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, but did you know that it also has more canals than Venice? If not, you’ll probably get a quick from our 25 surprising facts about Amsterdam. Find out why the city’s buildings are so narrow, what the number one stolen item is, and why you need to be careful when asking your friends to stop by the coffeeshop. Check out the infographic below to see what top factoids about Amsterdam we were able to dig up. Source: When on earth

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All you need to know about Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” is a funny movie, but it’s no way to see Europe. What good is a European vacation that’s too rushed and hurried to enjoy? The best way to enjoy Europe is to choose one area and see it in a leisurely fashion. Take your time, meet the people, and actually see the sites you’re sightseeing. For the most comfortable way to do that, take a canal cruise. They’re popular in England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and many other parts of Europe. How about…

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Must try Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam

Indonesian Restaurants in Amsterdam

There is lot to expect from Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam. Plenty of lip smacking ones are available here. They offer the best satay sauce and ‘rijsttafel’. These restaurants make you go YUMM!! Blauw: The service here is excellent and the staff is friendly. The food tastes dangerously delicious. Ambiance is perfect. Booking your table in advance is wiser. They take a picture of their guests and post it in their website and this gives a personal touch. Peanut, coconut and banana lovers are in for a treat. Don’t miss the…

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20 Restaurants Everyone Must Visit in Amsterdam Right Now

The city of Amsterdam is endowed with many resources such as the Schiphol International Airport, Anne Frank House museum and Canal Cruises tours which makes it one of the most visited cities world over. In order to fully satisfy the food requirements of its visitors, there are a numerous restaurants which include but are certainly not limited to the following twenty: 1. Johannes Offering French, International and European cuisines. It is suitable for business launches. Address: Herengracht 413, 1017 BP. 2. Vinkeles With its contemporary, French and International cuisines. This restaurant is…

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5 Traditional Dutch Foods You Should Try Before Your Die

10 Flavors to taste in Amsterdam

A scenic, historic, and culturally endowed country located in the north-west Europe; the Netherland’s cuisine is largely influenced by her agricultural produce and her history as a seafaring nation. Fish and seafood are a common delicacy in the Traditional Netherlands cuisine. Beef chicken and pork are also popular. The colonial past also had a considerable impact on the Dutch cuisine. The incorporation of Indonesian dishes (such as Nasi Goreng) in the Dutch cuisine can be traced back to the involvement of the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies (Modern day…

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Explore and Experience Art at its best in Amsterdam

Explore Art in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a cosmopolitan city which invites exploration, no wonder it’s the most popular destination in Europe. It has so much to offer tourists, from the many art museums to its famous iconic canals, not forgetting the Red light District; a must visit! Simply put, at every turn, the Netherlands capital has something to offer. If you are a lover of art and wondering where to see art in Amsterdam, wonder no more. With over fifty museums you’ll be spoilt for choice. Rijksmuseum is one of the most famous museums opened to…

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Tulp Festival in Amsterdam

One of the largest and best known flower festivals in the world is going to take place in a small town named Lisse, near Amsterdam, Netherlands, between 20 March and 17 May 2015, where million of colourful and different kind of flowers will cover an area of 100 km. More than 800,000 visitors from all over the world visit the famous Keukenhof park every year and it’s really an experience you don’t want to miss. The best time to visit the park is at the end of April, where you…

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