Top 10 Most Astonishing Facts About Netherlands

Astonishing Facts About Netherlands

Do you ever intend to visit or live in Netherlands any soon? How well do you know the Dutch, their customs and culture? Through this article, we present you some of the most astonishing facts about Netherlands.  1- the Dutch are the tallest people in the world: Recent researches have shown that on average Dutch men stand almost 184 centimetres, and its women 170 centimetres. Such statistics make Dutch people the tallest population in the world up to date. Scientists claim that is due to their diet which is quite…

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Amsterdam : My review of Singel Hotel Europe Safe Zone

Single hotel review Europe Safe Zone

After a whole year of routine day job the holiday comes, and it gave me a chance to travel, alongside with my wife, and my dog, we had doubts about where to go to. Since all the problems happening in Europe all the events that threaten the safety of a family. We needed a Europe Safe Zone. We struggled a bit after a friend of mine, told me about a place in Amsterdam, Netherland. It’s called Singel Hotel, this place was in the center of the city, where everything is…

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Interesting Facts about Netherlands, Some are Weird too !!!

Facts About Netherlands

The Netherlands, whose official name is the kingdom of the low countries, from a country situated in Western Europe. The country shares borders with Germany to the East and with Belgium to the South. More than a quarter of the Netherlands is below sea level. Luckily, it is not in a tsunami-prone part of the world. As a matter of fact, the mere fact of thinking what the Netherlands is known for, either to Duch or foreigners, might bring up responses on the spot like tulips, windmills, wooden shoes, cheese…

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25 Insane Facts About Amsterdam [Infographic]

Everyone knows that Amsterdam is the capital city of The Netherlands, but did you know that it also has more canals than Venice? If not, you’ll probably get a quick from our 25 surprising facts about Amsterdam. Find out why the city’s buildings are so narrow, what the number one stolen item is, and why you need to be careful when asking your friends to stop by the coffeeshop. Check out the infographic below to see what top factoids about Amsterdam we were able to dig up. Source: When on earth

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Amsterdam Beer Bike: A Promise for a Unique Riding Experience

If you ever take a trip to Amsterdam with a huge group consisting of more than 8 and ever in a fix about what kind of activities to try out there, then this is one you should definitely go for. Mixed with exercise, beer and a whole lot of laughter is the Beer Bike event. Now, Amsterdam is quite famous for a lot of its eccentric activities like a Strip Tease Dinner, Nude Painting Workshop, One on one striptease clinic, Limousine Striptease, BBQ at the park and so on, one…

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All you need to know about Canal Cruises in Amsterdam

“If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium” is a funny movie, but it’s no way to see Europe. What good is a European vacation that’s too rushed and hurried to enjoy? The best way to enjoy Europe is to choose one area and see it in a leisurely fashion. Take your time, meet the people, and actually see the sites you’re sightseeing. For the most comfortable way to do that, take a canal cruise. They’re popular in England, the Netherlands, France, Germany, and many other parts of Europe. How about…

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Bizarre Hotel where to spend the New Year holidays – Who’s going ???

No Hotel in Amsterdam

Looking for an unusual experience for the new year ?? The Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam is what you need, an insolite place where to spend the new year holidays.  Inside the tram bedroom The Golden history of Amsterdam City The Transylvanian symbolism to keep evil away The lobby, an artistic communal area With no doubt, Hotel Not Hotel is the place should we consider for the holidays trip. The new year is here, a new travel resolution is a need. For more info, Go to the hotel website: Hotel Not Hotel…

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A weekend in Amsterdam

Weekend Amsterdam

Amsterdam is not only “cheese and tulips.” By bicycle, on foot, or by boat on the many canals of the North Venice, you will discover a unique atmosphere in Europe. Time for a weekend or a short stay, Amsterdam is the ideal city to combine cultural visits and wild evenings. Places you shouldn’t miss in Amsterdam Endless queues of Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh museum, crowded cafes of the center and incessant animation of Red Light District … if you do not go off the beaten track, your week trip…

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No. 377 House Hotel in Amsterdam: A spectacular view of canals and the city.

Work can take me all of Europe, and it recently took me to the heart of Amsterdam. Although accommodations in Amsterdam (and all over Europe) can be quite expensive, I was hoping to find a small, comfortable place to stay that was also in the middle of the city, all for a decent price. I found the No. 377 House Hotel in Amsterdam, and decided to give it a try. The hotel staff warmly greeted me upon arrival, despite arriving at a horribly late hour. They showed me my room,…

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