Here’s A Look Inside The Amazing Barney’s Coffee shop

My wife and I were travelling from London to New York and had a 12 hour wait for our connecting flight in Amsterdam. Therefore, we decided to leave the airport and see what Amsterdam had to offer.
My friends had told us so many amazing stories about Amsterdam’s coffee shops. Therefore, we decided to search for some.

We found a few, but none of them looked inviting. We were just about to give up and head back to the airport when we saw a spacious coffeeshop at Haarlemmerstrat 102. The servers all had smiles on their faces as we walked in.
A server at Barney’s coffee shop politely asked us what we would like. I asked for a cappuccino and my wife opted for a hot chocolate. The cappuccino was one of the smoothest, richest and most refreshing cups of coffee I have ever tasted in my life. My wife enjoyed her hot chocolate so much that she ordered another one.

barneys coffee shop menu amsterdam

Looking around inside Barney’s coffee shop, it had a really relaxing atmosphere. People were chatting away and having a good time with their friends. There were quite a lot of tourists in the shop. We were talking to a couple and they informed us that they always book their flights so that they have to stopover in Amsterdam, just so they can visit Barney’s coffee shop.

We could smell the cannabis that Amsterdam was famous for. In our home country of England, cannabis is illegal. Out of curiosity, we decided to order some just to see what it was like. It took a few minutes for the buzz to kick in but it was absolute bliss. The owner of the coffee shop sat with us and proudly exclaimed that we wouldn’t find cannabis of better quality anywhere in Amsterdam.
Due to the wonderful atmosphere and great customer service, we look forward to visiting Barney’s coffee shop again.

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