Amsterdam’s Open Garden Days

Behind every  stately canal house in Amsterdam there is a hidden garden, sometimes so big that you can imagine it’s heaven on earth with a small house at the back. As most of these gardens adjoin one to another and create a wide green space inside each hidden square of canal houses.

The old Amsterdam’s center with its houses and tiny streets, open its doors for people to live this fantastic experience of life style.

During the 3rd weekend of june, more than 25 private gardens, designed on the 17th century, open doors to the public, with their big old trees, flowers, sometimes a pond and even a garden house. Some of these plants have more than hundred years old, and are today registered and protected by the law monument.These places are closed the most time for visitors.


For only 15 euros, once a  year the Van Loon Museum organizes the Open Garden Days. Over this weekend the extraordinary hidden part of this city is revealed to the spectators from 10am to 5pm.

Amsterdam’s citizens with their three-day-pass could tasting tea, playing chess and enjoying the verdure. The pass is valid for three days for all the gardens.

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