Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum

Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum

The Amsterdam Historical Museum is a museum where the history of the city of Amsterdam is presented by paintings and objects. The museum is located in the center of Amsterdam and may be reached from both the Kalverstraat from the Damrak.

The Building


The Amsterdam Historical Museum is located in a building with a remarkable arrangement. The building is accessible from the Damrak and Kalverstraat, where you can enter the courtyard. Controlled by the store until the middle of the courtyard complex and the museum could be reached. Inside the bilding, there are many historical objects in different categories classified by age, like the most popular one “Regentenkamer”.

history of the building

The original purpose of the building was harboring orphans. This shelter for orphans of workers and petty bourgeoisie was founded around 1520 in a house on the Kalverstraat and been established. The Kalverstraat was moved among multiple locations, and finally established in the former St. Lucien Monastery, in 1960 it was moved again to the new orphanage to IJsbaanpad.

In 1975 the architect Bart Castle worked on the building and include the Shooting Gallery added and the orphanage permanently changed in the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

what is it today ?


The Amsterdam Historical Museum has taken an educational role. This is reflected in the collection and presentation, where visitors can learn the history of Amsterdam. Expertise in different ways, the museum strives to give a representative picture of the company and it is increasingly attentive to the different cultures that are represented in the Netherlands.

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