Amsterdam Tours and Excursions

How much time you have in Amsterdam? One, two,three days, maybe a week or a month? This city has much to offer and more than enough to keep you entertained day and night. Because of that, I suggest you special walking and itineraries tours for people who are interested in having some culture lessons about Amsterdam and Netherlands. You can also have a bike tour all through the red light district, to show you the best overview of the canal and the city.

Red Light Tour MP3

You can explore the back streets of the most famous neighborhood in Amsterdam with this Application made for your Tablet or Smartphone, available at

Tailor made tours of Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you can have your style of tour, with using the tailor made tours. It allows you to customise your journey in this city or more in all the Netherlands. There are also pre-packed deals that include the famous attractions in the city like museums, the Royal palace or special interests like tulips, architecture or coffee-shops.

Amsterdam Bike tours

If you want to develop your sense of orientation, exercise your body with fun, and learn more about the city you should take a bike tour. In about four hours of biking during the summer, we offer you a new boat and bike tour combination, its about five hours on the bike after that you should board on the boat for a long cruise all along Amsterdam’s canal.


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