Amsterdam Spring Snow Festival

the spring snow festival amsterdam 2015

Ever thought of how to bring people of a particular community together in large masses? Believe me, it can be quite a challenge. But festivals have the magic to draw people from all walks of life together and have communal celebrations. The spring snow event takes place in Amsterdam each year. The city’s Elm trees fill the streets with blankets of beauty. A true and authentic celebration of this season, this festival is always beautiful event that gives you a chance to see and experience nature at its best.

This year the magic of this evenement returns and runs from 21st April to 21st May 2015. The ‘Elm Route’ is where it will take place. Its is an 8km (5miles) cycling and walking route starting from the arboretum at elm in Amsterdam’s Noord then ending at Hortus Botanicus; which is one of the greatest and oldest of all botanical gardens So as you enjoy your time there you also get to tour and see the gorgeous scenery along the route.

Spring Snow Festival 2015 Amsterdam

This year the Spring Snow Festival is partnering with Amsterdam; Gemeente,IFF,Annindriya,Stadsherstel,Huis de pinto,, S.tadsplank, papabubble, Reinier sijpkens, ARTACASA, Klaver4, The Manor Hotel, Moes and Gebonden. Some pretty big names there, well you can be sure that the festival will be bigger and better.

With spring snow, Amsterdam can celebrate the enchanting whirling elm seeds. The elms releases their sweet seeds like natural confetti all over the city. There is no other place in the world where they can be found in such great numbers. Everyone can take part, just by catching a part of this celebration or just by following the scenic Elm route or participate in the special activities. Pieces of art have also been created by 10x10artist for the occasion. Purpose to be part of this annual celebration and you will surely have a beautiful story to tell.

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