Amsterdam Nightlife : JAZZ

Amsterdam at night present plenty choices of nightlife clubs, that suit every taste. There are night clubs, dance festivals and venues of many types of music arts like Techno, House, Deep House, Jazz, Dubstep, Funk, hip-hop and more.


Jazz clubs are popular in Amsterdam with many concerts published every week, all around the city. Once a year, at the summertime, Rotterdam Jazz festival brings the most famous musicians from all over the globe. Throughout the year, almost every night, in bars coffee shops and nightclubs, Jazzmen performs their magic relaxing music.


cafe Casablanca

Built in 1945, Casablanca is one of the oldest and most famous Jazz clubs in Amsterdamn and Netherlands.

Cafe Alto

Cafe Alto, is the best place to go for a good night with friends. Many of the musicians belongs to the Dutch improvisational jazz elite.


Less ten 10 minutes from the center of Amsterdam, the Maloe-Melo is located on the brink of the Lijnbansgracht cana, called the “home of the blues” with 20 years of a splendid atmosphere named “small piece of old New Orleans away from home”.

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