Amsterdam Coffee-shop: Cafe Casablanca

Cafe Casablanca,situated on the brink of Red Light District, every Sunday to Thursday many Jazz live shows stands on the stage of this club standing on the Northern brink. More than that every week the Jazz lovers gets to sway heads and snap fingers to Amsterdam’s big-band and improvisations.

Many years of Jazz dancing and stomping on the Casablanca’s stage have created a wonderful atmosphere of fun, love and happiness, because of this cozy air of the night there not many free seats to obtain. Some overcrowded nights it would be hard to find even a place to stand.

All the weekends, and on Thursdays, Casablanca changes style to karaoke performances place, squeezed by the huge number of fans of laugh, good singers and famous Dutch songs.

Besides music, Casablanca have the “Casablanca variety”, a circus cafe for all European circus artists to meet, plus the food diversity.

Brief, it’s a nice place to spend the night.


Address Contacts

Cafe Casablanca in Amsterdam
Zeedijk 24
1012 AZ   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +316 12200519

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