Amsterdam Coffee-shop: cafe Alto

Cafe Alto, a small hidden brown-cafe in the touristy area of Leidseplein. Every night different visitors came to see the charm of the place, they are a mix of regulars and tourists coming from different ways to ease well-mixed cocktails, and listen to the top of provided rhythms of Jazz musicians.

After decades of existence, this little dark place has tempted many Jazz lovers from all around the world to Amsterdam. Many big names of Jazz music had enter the tiny stage of the Alto place over the years.


the club’s musical agenda is dominated by the Jazz and free-Jazz, but from time to time, blues bands take their place on the stage.Each Wednesday Dutch saxophonist Hans Dulfer performs, sometimes accompanied by his young skilled daughter, Candy Dulfer.

The Alto still the only walk-in club to offer live Jazz every night of the week in Amsterdam. At this club, music starts and plays at 10pm all the night through to 3am on weekdays, and 4am especially on weekends.

Don’t miss to visite this piece of Jazz’s Heaven.


Address Contacts

Café Alto in Amsterdam
Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115
1017 PX   Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 20 6263249

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