Amsterdam Beer Bike: A Promise for a Unique Riding Experience

If you ever take a trip to Amsterdam with a huge group consisting of more than 8 and ever in a fix about what kind of activities to try out there, then this is one you should definitely go for. Mixed with exercise, beer and a whole lot of laughter is the Beer Bike event. Now, Amsterdam is quite famous for a lot of its eccentric activities like a Strip Tease Dinner, Nude Painting Workshop, One on one striptease clinic, Limousine Striptease, BBQ at the park and so on, one of which is the Beer Bike activity.

This is typically a bicycle ride but for a large group of people who want to tour the hot spots of the city, all the while having some sort of entertainment and activity on the way there. This is an activity where you can have all the beer you want and do the needed exercise before finishing your route. The bike is actually referred to by many names according to the ordinances . People call it the Beer Bike, Cycle Bar, Mobile Bar or even the Boris Bus.The Beer Bike is ideal for almost any sort of occasion where bonding is essential or social activities are in order. It is perfect for stag or hen party,bachelor event, birthday event, company event, team building event or any other kind of event.

The Beer Bike ride is said to be especially popular with the locals and the people who visit for about a day and about. The BeerBike measures about 1.5 m across as instructed by the authorities. The Bike may be used by people in a group containing a number greater than 8 but a maximum of 19. The BeekBike generally follows a standard route with its starting point next to the Amsterdam Central Station, in front of the Chamber of commerce, situated at the address Ruijterkade 5-7.

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Your guide can even take you from the place of your lodging to the location close to the central station. The entire tour begins here and the general route taken by the riders passes the Single, a large number of Canals, the Flower Market and the Vondelpark and then heads back again to the Central Station. Now, the route is flexible depending on the requests made by the tourists who may wish to visit different kinds of locations at different stops. Anything is possible and allowed within the stipulated time period.

The Bike can also be customized depending on the types of themes that may be requested by the users. Some of the themes that have been arranged are the Halloween Bike, the Pink Champagne Bike, Cocktails Bike etc or you can even create your own to your own specifications.

Of course, with the amount of beer supplied, safety is essential to make sure than the guests do not get drink and drive at the same time. So a BOB ( The conscious sober driver or as the Dutch call him , ‘ Bewust Onbeschonken Bestuurder’) who is designated for a particular group. The chaperone is the one who takes control of the steering and will provide you the information about the various tourist spots that you travel to. So, a travel guide, in essence, with a bikes amsterdam day trips

They are usually very friendly, who love interacting with large groups of people and share their knowledge about the culture and beauty of their city. The chaperon also takes charge of getting many exciting and fun filled activities for stag and bachelor parties that are sure to keep the people on the edge of their seats. The ride is also planned in such a way that enough stops are made along the way to stretch your legs and to get a toilet break.

The Beer Bike ride package includes the following enticing facilities :

1) The Beer Bike can be rented for two hours.

2) Groups are allowed to carry about 30 liters of beer. It can also carry about 18 bottles of Bubbly or even possibly 4 bottles of spirit with mixers. But this is simply an option which gives a wide array of choices for the group. Beer can also be substituted for any drink based on the user’s preference.

3) The bike can carry a party of about 8 to 19 people. In case the limit exceeds, a second bike can always be rented for use.

4) A free guide and chaperone is included in the package.

5) The price paid for the trip includes insurance for any sort of liability of damage that may be accidentally dealt to the participants and any sort of third parties that might get affected.

6) The Bike is equipped with a sound system that lets you listen to your choice of music, also with the option of a Bluetooth connection for your iPod or mobile phone.

7) The roof is equipped with a detachable roof for summer cabriolet riding, cool light alloys, superior comfort and so on for protection for the wind and the rain. Also, from the extreme heat which may arise in some cases.

8) The seat height of the bike can also be easily adjusted and not only that, the bike is entirely wheel chair friendly. So everyone has a wonderful biking experience.

9) Complete non stop fun and cultural enrichment guaranteed from your two hour trip mixed with an entire package of memories that one can carry for a long time.

10) The deposit involves paying only about ten euros for a single person to book the ride.

11) Besides, beer and drinks, snacks and plenty of water for those who get parched easily are also provided.

12) The chaperone provides a hoard of entertainment and games in which everyone can participate while they ride to the various places.

Now, there also exists another, upgraded version of the Beer Bike which offers similar but more sophisticated and quality features for the users pleasure. The Limousine Bike or LimoBike is the only luxury bike which promises the users a limousine quality with a variety of quality and tasteful drinks, along with a sober driver for safety. The LimoBike is also a VIP bike which contains additional features like a high speed WiFi hot-spot, full insurance and many intriguing themes.

So the next time you visit Amsterdam with a large group, make sure to rent one and try them out.

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