Amnesia Coffeeshop

Visiting Amsterdam was always a lifelong desire I carried throughout my life. The cosmopolitan paradise oozed modernization complimented by a fair touch of social liberalism. The Netherlands contains no strict theocratical governance or high terrorist activity. The place is simply a modern utopia filled with many exciting attractions and cities. Amsterdam has a lot to offer however I was more interested in visiting the coffeeshops. Fortunately I came across Amnesia coffeeshop. Previously known as Whootsie Tootsie, the coffeeshop symbolises the sophisticated nature of dutch pride. Accompanied by a nice marijuana menu, it is definitely the best place to visit for cannabis enthusiasts.


Amnesia Coffeeshop is a small but trendy spot filled with a subtle vibe and bright atmosphere. The staff is friendly and the place offers a variety of beverages. The coffeeshop also offers various kinds of marijuana herbs and joints. Amnesia consists of a liberal theme open to anyone however the staff might ask for an ID before you enter the premises. Visitors can have their beverages or smoke their marijuana while enjoying the view of the boats sailing through the Herengracht.


The Coffeeshop is located in Amsterdam on the Herengracht, one of the 3 main canals in Amsterdam. Herengracht is well know for its historical significance. It is a hub filled with historical buildings and landmarks.


Amnesia Coffee shop decoration consists of a dark-red interior with a splash of contemporary flair. The establishment contains elegant lighting however it is also has simple and basic furniture for slight comfort. There are normal wooden and plastic chairs. Plus pillows with different colors.


The menu consists of a variety of marijuana herbs and joints. Some of the popular choices are the NLX Haze, Amnesia Haze and Gold Moroccan. The herbs are sold on a per gram or per 5 grams basis. In certain instances, the coffeeshop might offer specials whereby a popular marijuana joint or herb choices are sold at a bargain.

Amnesia Coffeeshop Menu

My Review

Personally my experience at Amnesia coffeeshop was breathtaking. The staff was good to me and courteous. I managed to try a few joints and made a decent conversation with some members of the staff. Their service was beyond excellent. However, Coffeeshop Amnesia has attracted a mixture of positive feedback and criticism from visitors. Certain visitors have complained about the coffeeshop being packed with a great crowd (especially during the weekends) and there is no extra furniture to accommodate the excess crowd. It is said on certain days, the staff provides rude service to certain customers who belong to certain countries. Also complaints have been filed pertaining to the quality and potency of certain marijuana herbs and joints. On a positive note, visitors have complimented the decor and fast service. Plus the specials on certain marijuana herbs and bonus joints have attracted positive remarks.

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