Afternoon in Abraxas CoffeeShop

After doing the rounds of Galleries, the small group of us stood around wondering what to do next. The suggestion Coffee Shop was mooted and rather nervously we all decided to go. We were in Amsterdam after all. The next question was where and none of us knew. We were at this time away from the city center where the atmosphere is quite different, less chaotic anyway.

The guide book was produced and presently we were walking in the direction of the Abraxas Coffeeshop on Spuistratt 51. As we entered, with myself bringing up the rear, it was nothing like what I expected. I guess I had imagined such a place to be smoke filled and dingy. It was nothing of the sort. We were warmly welcomed and guided to a table, comfortable for our group. It was the I noticed the mosaic floor: beautiful. The cafe wasn’t crowded but not deserted either.

Abraxas Coffeeshop menu Amsterdam

A few people sat at the counter, as well as a few small groups and singles. The design of the cafe felt quite American and the influence of Jimi Hendrix is obvious. Abraxas was one of his albums. Not really being in the know about such places I was rather nervous about asking, but quickly made to feel relaxed but the wonderfully friendly staff. Having admitted we were first timers she clearly explained how things work. We ordered coffee, which was wonderful, and took the server’s recommendation on what we should smoke.

Again our lack of experience showed as none of us knew how to roll but, no problem, a few minutes later, several pre-rolled joints were delivered to our table. We had a lovely afternoon from that on. The music was pleasant and interesting, the conversation was hilarious, and the staff continued to ensure we had everything we wanted. The Abraxas Coffeeshop remains one of, if not the highlight of our trip to Europe.

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