The Insider’s Guide to The Greenhouse Centrum Coffeeshop

The Greenhouse Centrum Coffeeshop Amsterdam

Amsterdam, long known for its “coffee shops”, Heineken, the Red Light District and the Anne Frank House, has a lot more to offer and we enjoyed it all (except the Red Light!), but for now we’ll stick with it’s most green attraction, the coffee shops. Tops among them, Green House Centrum Coffeeshop. Being very close to Dam Square, it can get quite crowded, but seems like a great place to hang both night and day. It’s also quite close to a bunch of other cool places including Madame Tussauds, Red…

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Baba Coffeeshop is Bringing It All Back Now

Most of us love spending a special day drinking sweet and splendid drinks, many people are searching for the best services to get great and comfortable day and may be one of the best places to get what you want is Baba Coffeeshops. first we are going to talk about the Atmosphere in Baba, it is famous with beautiful calm and attracting music such as the loud one, it touch the heart deeply and the eastern-themed Baba is crowded with different visitors from various countries enjoying their own time. The…

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Afternoon in Abraxas CoffeeShop

After doing the rounds of Galleries, the small group of us stood around wondering what to do next. The suggestion Coffee Shop was mooted and rather nervously we all decided to go. We were in Amsterdam after all. The next question was where and none of us knew. We were at this time away from the city center where the atmosphere is quite different, less chaotic anyway. The guide book was produced and presently we were walking in the direction of the Abraxas Coffeeshop on Spuistratt 51. As we entered,…

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