9 Crucial Dating Tips in Amsterdam

Dating apps

How would you like to attract an Amsterdamian?  Well, it’s easy just follow these 9 dating tips. Foreign singletons in the city may want to take into account the following, local customs, local rules and of course local area.

1- Learning Dutch

Learning Dutch

Although it is possible to live in Amsterdam without learning the local language, residents certainly appreciate the effort and are usually pretty impressed when foreigners can hold together conversations in Dutch. The city is home to people from 187 nationalities, so you will hear a lot more than just Dutch and English

2- Affordable housing

Affordable housing

Housing in Amsterdam is notoriously expensive and young people tend to live in shared apartments in order to avoid spending all of their income on rent. Even though this type of living arrangement might seem strange to people from other cities, in Amsterdam it is totally normal and residents are generally quite unwilling to relocate due to the city’s ongoing housing crisis.

3- Everyone cycles everywhere

Everyone cycles everywhere

Almost everyone in Amsterdam cycles to their appointments and will expect others to own a bike. It is always worth remembering this before meeting someone, as it might be harder to move elsewhere if you’ve arrived on foot.

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4- Dating apps are totally normalized

Dating apps

The taboos that surround dating apps have long since disappeared in Amsterdam and it is perfectly normal for people to talk openly about online hookups – without expecting others to judge them. In fact, it is pretty common for singles to have several dating apps installed on their phones, including Tinder, Grindr, and Happen.

5- Amsterdammers don’t necessarily smoke cannabis

Despite the hometown’s reputation abroad, most Amsterdammers aren’t diehard stoners and many not smoke cannabis at all (or may even object to the drug’s presence altogether). With this in mind, it is usually better to assume that your date does not like to get high, especially during weekdays.

6- Split the bill

Split the bill

Unless you have specifically stated that you are inviting someone for dinner or drinks, it is usually okay to divide the bill at the end of night. If you decide to treat your date, they might offer to pay the next time you meet. This applies across genders and some women might take offense if you demand to pay for them.

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7- Avoid touristic areas

Avoid touristic areas

Amsterdammers tend to avoid certain, touristic parts of the city altogether as these areas are notoriously noisy and crowded. If you’re searching for somewhere to have a quiet, romantic evening, it is worth checking out the city’s less central neighborhoods such as Plantage, Overhoeks or Haarlemmerbuurt.

8- Remember, Amsterdam is a small place


Compared to other European capitals like London or Paris, Amsterdam is actually pretty small and single people tend to live within the city’s inner neighborhoods. This means that you’ll probably run into old flames long after you’ve stopped dating or accidentally bump into someone that you once chatted with on Tinder.

9- Book everything in advance

It is surprisingly difficult to have a spontaneous night in Amsterdam as events like concerts, gigs and parties tend to sell out extremely quickly. Restaurants also get pretty busy at the weekend and it is quite hard to find a table if you haven’t made a reservation in advance. As such it is always advisable to make a booking before meeting for a date, as otherwise, you might spend your evening wandering around Amsterdam aimlessly.




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