5 Traditional Dutch Foods You Should Try Before Your Die

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A scenic, historic, and culturally endowed country located in the north-west Europe; the Netherland’s cuisine is largely influenced by her agricultural produce and her history as a seafaring nation. Fish and seafood are a common delicacy in the Traditional Netherlands cuisine. Beef chicken and pork are also popular.

The colonial past also had a considerable impact on the Dutch cuisine. The incorporation of Indonesian dishes (such as Nasi Goreng) in the Dutch cuisine can be traced back to the involvement of the Dutch in the Dutch East Indies (Modern day Indonesia); that last for about 250 years.

Traditional Dutch Foods

Any person visiting the Netherlands will not have had enough of the visit if they have not sample some of the popular Dutch delicacies: Balkenbrij, Boerenkoolstamppot, Hete bliksem, Hutspot, stamppot rauwe andijvie, Zuurkoolstamppot, Appeltaart, Oliebollen, Spekkoek and Stroopwafel among other mouth-watering dishes.

1. Balkenbrij


Balkenbrij refers to a liverwurst sausage made from pork. It however, contains sufficient pork liver that gives it a distinctive liver taste. The loaf is cut into slices; about half inch thick, then fried.

2. Boerenkool stamppot

Boerenkool stamppot

Boerenkoolstamppot, on the other hand, refers to a stew prepared with kale and potato. The stew is always served with gravy and rookwurst. Hete bliksem is yet another potato delicacy; it consists of boiled potatoes and green apples, with syrup or diced speck.

3. Hutspot


Hutspot, a traditional stew made from mashed potatoes with carrots and onions, is also worth a taste. Not forgetting Stamport rauwe andijvie. This is simply raw endive – a variant of chicory – mashed into potatoes, then served with diced, fried speck. Speck refers to juniper-flavored dry-cured ham.

4. Picked cabbage with mashed potatoes

Picked cabbage with mashed potatoes

Picked cabbage with mashed potatoes, served with sausage/bacon, is yet another popular dutch dish that is worth sampling. The dish, commonly known as Zuurkoolstamppot, can at times be flavored with raisins, curry powder or pineapple.
Some dishes are only common during fairs and festive seasons. For instance, Oliebollen, the dutch version of donuts is mostly eaten during the Christmass season or at fairs.

5. Spekkoek


Spekkoek is a rich and spicy Indonesian pastry that has left a lasting mark on the Dutch palate. There are a lot more dishes that Netherlands has to offer for her visitors. Tourists would seek to extend their stay in order to sample all the delicacies in the Traditional Netherlands cuisine.

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