Best Things To Do In Amsterdam For Christmas

Ice Skating

Golden Age canals lined by tilting gabled buildings are the backdrop for Amsterdam’s treasure-packed museums, vintage-filled shops and hyper-creative design, drinking and dining scenes, so ever wondered what else there is to do in Amsterdam other than the usual tourist attractions during Christmas? Here are some ideas to help you plan your trip and fill your days with festive fun. Let’s do this. 1- Check out the Amsterdam Light Festival  The Amsterdam Light Festival is an annual event during winter holidays. Dutch and international artists transform the city every year into a…

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13 Perfect Date Night Ideas in Amsterdam

Michelin Star Restaurant

Looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway or date in Amsterdam? We’ve put together the following list of exciting, glamorous and adventurous couple orientated activities in the city. 1- Watch a Movie at Pathé Tuskinski Due to its outstanding structural design, Pathé Tuskinski is recognised amongst the most beautiful cinemas in the world. The theater’s interior incorporates elements drawn from Art Deco and Art Nouveau, forming a wonderful, pastiche of artistic motifs. Besides hard-hitting blockbuster films, the cinema also screens arthouse movies and often hosts international film festivals. 2- Share Rooftop Drinks at…

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Chocoa Festival

chocoa festival

Can you imagine a world without chocolate? No? But will it always be available and what are the challenges the makers face today? And did you know, just like wine, the taste of your chocolate varies depending on where the cocoa comes from? You can learn about all of this at Chocoa Festival. Chocoa Festival is the place where you learn the process from bean to bar, discover the wide variety of flavors in good cocoa and better chocolate, taste many food pairings while being guided by your favorite chocolate…

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Valentine’s Day: The day of the lovers in Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day: the day of the lovers. Already in the year 496, Pope Gelasius declared that February 14 was Valentine’s Day. And since that time, it’s the perfect day to tell your beloved that you love him. The Dutch are a sober people and often give their loved one a card or a flower. Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Holland. Stay at a romantic hotel in Amsterdam. Sober Dutchmen There is little, it was the custom to declare his flame anonymously with a card or flowers, nowadays the emphasis is on…

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