13 Perfect Date Night Ideas in Amsterdam

Michelin Star Restaurant

Looking for inspiration for your next romantic getaway or date in Amsterdam? We’ve put together the following list of exciting, glamorous and adventurous couple orientated activities in the city.

1- Watch a Movie at Pathé Tuskinski

Pathé Tuskinski

Due to its outstanding structural design, Pathé Tuskinski is recognised amongst the most beautiful cinemas in the world. The theater’s interior incorporates elements drawn from Art Deco and Art Nouveau, forming a wonderful, pastiche of artistic motifs. Besides hard-hitting blockbuster films, the cinema also screens arthouse movies and often hosts international film festivals.

2- Share Rooftop Drinks at Canvas


As one of the flattest cities in the world, it is particularly difficult to find a decent vantage point in Amsterdam. However, there are several strategically located rooftop bars and restaurants in the city that are perfect for date nights. Canvas overlooks central Amsterdam and offers an enticing menu of cocktails, wine and high-end meals. At the weekends, Canvas also organises club nights which continue until the early hours of the morning.

3- Geek Out at TonTon Club Centrum

TonTon Club Centrum

Gamers in Amsterdam should definitely check out TonTon Club Centrum, as this massive arcade features a large collection of coin-op machines that hark back to the glory years of 1990s gaming. Whilst this might seem a niche choice for a date night, it is worth noting that many of TonTon Club’s machines are two player, including retro classics like Time Crisis, Bishi Bashi Special and Dance Dance Revolution.

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4- Enjoy a Show at Vondelpark’s Open Air Theater


Vondelpark is undoubtedly the most beautiful urban park in Amsterdam and becomes particularly romantic during the warmer months of the year. Besides its winding paths, picturesque meadows and charming restaurants, Vondelpark also contains an open-air theater, where local and international players perform their work alfresco.

5- Explore Amsterdam on a Tandem Bicycle


Cycling is the main the mode of transportation in Amsterdam and the city is blessed with a large network of well-kept bike lanes that are exceptionally easy to navigate. Instead of going it alone, couples in Amsterdam can hire tandem bikes from a number of rental stores throughout the city and explore its charming centre whilst riding together.

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6- Party With Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh

The Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam organises parties every Friday night, where culture fans are encouraged to enjoy drinks and music whilst marvelling at the institute’s collection. These event usually revolve around a specific theme and the museum regularly invites local artists to perform or display their work over the course of the evening.

7- Catch a Gig at de Nieuwe Anita

Nieuwe Anita

Whilst Amsterdam has more than its fair share of excellent concert venues, de Nieuwe Anita always goes the extra mile and regularly books up-and-coming alternative bands that should definitely be on everyone’s radar. Besides music, this down-to-earth venue is also famed for its cocktails and has won multiple awards for its contributions to mixology.

8- Candlelight Cruise Through Amsterdam’s Canal Belt

Amsterdam’s Canal Belt

For obvious reasons, Amsterdam’s canals are famously romantic and experiencing these iconic waterways by boat is a must for any couple visiting the city. For a truly memorable date night, it is possible to enjoy a candlelight dinner on the canals and book a table on one of the many floating restaurants that cruise through the city every evening.

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9- Support Ajax at their Home Grounds

Support Ajax

Due to their outstanding record, Ajax FC has a large pool of international supporters. The team plays their home matches in Amsterdam Zuid-Oost, inside a massive stadium that is known as Amsterdam ArenA. This venerated home ground also contains the Ajax museum, where fans can marvel at artefacts related to the team’s history.

10- Climb A’DAM Toren

A’DAM Toren

Considering the sheer number of attractions inside Amsterdam’s newest landmark, A’DAM Toren, it would be exceptionally easy to spend an entire date night exploring the tower. Indeed, each of the tower’s 20 floors contains something awesome, including the highest swing in Europe, a revolving sky-high restaurant and Amsterdam’s latest 24-hour night club.

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11- Dine Out in Style at a Michelin Star Restaurant

Michelin Star Restaurant

There are over 40 Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam, many of which are attached to the city’s most luxurious hotels such as the Hotelnes, Amadi Panorama Hotel and Canal Hotel. It is always advisable to book ahead before heading over to these classy establishments, as their menus, service and ambiance put them in high demand.

12- Sample Some Craft Brews Underneath a Windmill

Craft Brews Underneath

Amsterdam is quickly becoming a craft beer hotspot, partly due to the enduring popularity of Brouwerij ’t IJ. This fantastic brewery is located underneath the largest windmill in Amsterdam and is renowned for its dangerously delicious beverages. In spring and summer, scores of beer aficionados flock to the brewery’s terrace to enjoy the sunshine and guzzle down excellent craft beers in the shadow of Brouwerij ’t IJ’s mechanic mascot.

13- Pet Baby Goats at Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos

Strictly speaking, this is actually a daytime activities, as the goats in question live inside a farm that closes around 5pm. Nonetheless, heading over to Amsterdamse Bos to play with the fluffy, white baby goats at Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve is a staple of Amsterdam dating culture, and possibly the most fun anyone can have ever.

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