10 Secret experiences an Amsterdammer won’t share with you – Part 2

10 Secret experiences an Amsterdammer wont share with you

Here is  an other list of 10 secret experiences that the Amsterdammers keep for themselves:

1- Dutch design at Droog or Frozen Fountain

Dutch design at Droog or Frozen Fountain

If you have some holiday spends, head to design store Droog and kit your home out with some fancy Dutch design.

2- The old windmill turned brewery

windmill turned brewery in Amsterdam

Brouwerij ‘t IJ is not only one of the most iconic breweries in Amsterdam – it’s located next to the De Gooyer windmill.

3- Surinamese cuisine

Surinamese cuisine in Amsterdam

The Republic of Suriname is a Dutch colony in South America. The cuisine is a blend of lots of cultures: think Indonesia, Indian, and Chinese, so there’s a lot of seafood, barbecue, roti, curries and cassava on offer.

4- The Stadsarchief (The City Archive)

the Stadsarchief in Amsterdam

The Stadsarchief is the largest municipal archive in the world.

5- The Bloemenmarkt

flowers at Bloemenmarkt in Amsterdam

The Bloemenmarkt is the perfect place to observe Amsterdam’s tulips and pick up a bunch or two if you’re staying with a host.

6- Secret free concerts at Concertgebouw

concerts at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

7- Trouw

trouw club in Amsterdam

According to locals Trouw is the ‘best club in Amsterdam, possibly the world…’.

8- Cocktails at Bo Cinq

Bo Cinq club in Amsterdam


Bo Cinq is famous for it’s chilled out vibe and excellent cocktails. But if you’re feeling flush, head over to Hiding in Plain Sight on the corner of Peperstraat and Rapeburg.

9- Late drink at Lux

Late drink at Lux in Amsterdam

Described as bohemian, laid-back and cultured, we have it on good authority that Lux doesn’t get busy until around midnight.

10- The forest Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam forest) is another man-made creation (like the beach above). It isn’t actually a forest – it’s a landscaped (or ‘English’) park and contains a pool, a goat farm, running tracks and often hosts festivals and activities.

10 Secret experiences an Amsterdammer won’t share with you – Part 1

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