10 Flavors and plates you should absolutely taste in Amsterdam

22 Flavors you should absolutely taste in Amsterdam

Visiting Amsterdam should be a nice idea, however once you’re there, you have to try some of this amazing plates and flavors:

1- The cheese shop  Kaaskamer van Amsterdam

Cheese Shop Kaaskamer Van Amsterdam

In this cheese shop, You’ll find all kinds of cheese, Also they have delicious brown bread, olives and excellent meats. If you want to take a quick meal, ask for a baguette with cheese and truffles.

2- The Patatje Oorlog

The Patatje Oorlog in Amsterdam


In the Netherlands, the Snack-bar is where you go to buy your fries. The best fries is the “Patatje Oorlog“, a mixture of mayo, of satay sauce and onions, which is translated as “war fries”. Manneken Pis is where you’ll find the best Patatje Oorlog.

3- The Poffertjes

Poffertjes in Amsterdam

The Poffertjes are the baby pancakes covered with butter and powdered sugar. Yummy!

4- The Burgerlijk Burger

The Burgerlijk Burger in Amsterdam

You can get a good burger in Amsterdam, however Burgerlijk raised the bar with his huge burger portions.

5- More Burger, The Butcher is where to go

The Butcher Burger in Amsterdam

Not only you will eat a monstrous burger, but they also have a secret club in the back.

6- The Broodje herring

Broodje Haring in Amsterdam

The raw herring is a Dutch specialty. If you think that your stomach will not digest, go with the sandwich. Vishandel Molenaar in the middle of Albert Cuyp Market is one of the favorite places of the locals.

7- The Lobby Eggs Benedict

Lobby Eggs Benedict

Everyone will find happiness in the Lobby, but Benedicte Eggs is a piece of art.

8- The Stamppot at Haesje Claes

The Stamppot in Haesje Claes in Amsterdam

Your trip to the Netherlands wouldn’t be complete without a Stamppot, which is basically a potato puree dish with vegetables and a juicy sausage.

9- Red Velvet cake at De Drie Graefjes

The Red Velvet Cake at De Drie Graefjes in Amterdam

The carrot cake is a delight.

10- The Algerian couscous in Rainarai

The Algerian Couscous in Rainarai in Amsterdam

A great option if you try not to overspend because you’ll really get for your money, and it will change you chips.

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